An Aspiring Broadcaster; A Growing Passion

By: Daylin Strange

Coming into college, I didn’t know what I wanted to major in or the career I wanted to work towards. Like many other students, I came in being undecided and changed my major a couple of times. Completing my core education classes helped me with making decisions about my future and my life. Two years went by and I decided to major in public relations with a minor in sport communication. I chose public relations from the simple fact that I am a people person, and sport communication was chosen since sports are my passion.

I always envisioned myself in front of the camera and having great relationships with my peers. Meeting new people and forming friendships was something I excelled in throughout my life. I have always been passionate about sports and it is hard to imagine a world without them.

Since I enjoy sports and forming relationships with others, it only makes sense that I like sports broadcasting, too. From watching sports my whole life, I’ve seen tons of different sports broadcasters and the different personalities that they demonstrate. A few inspirations that pop up in my head are Doris Burke, Skip Bayless, Max Kellerman and Stephen A. Smith. It is inspiring to know that these broadcasters are doing what they love, and maybe one day, I could be doing what they’re doing. It doesn’t get better than reporting on the sport that you love, being around superstar athletes, all while being in front of the camera. 

My biggest inspiration in the journalist world is a sports analyst named Stephen A. Smith. I grew up watching and playing mostly basketball, which allowed for me to come across Stephen A. Smith. Whether it be hosting halftime shows, arguing about sports with his coworkers or even his Twitter rants, I could never get away from Smith. Because of my dream to work in sports broadcasting, I gained an interest in learning more about Smith’s life. While researching Smith, I realized that the world of sports broadcasting isn’t easy, and he came a long way to get to where he is now. From Smith, I learned to never be afraid to voice your opinion as a person, especially being a young Black man aspiring to be a reporter and broadcaster. Not only is he not afraid to say his opinion but he does it with such confidence. Confidence comes a long way in this world, without it then how could you be what you want to be in life? “Whatever your gifts are you have an obligation to diligently pursue and explore what that gift is and then go from there,” said Smith to young minds of this generation. “And then after that you’ve got to get on your grind and be about the business of understanding that nobody owes you anything,” (Peebles, 2020).


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