Agri-what? The Route to Your Roots 

Tourism is growing at an exponential rate in Wild & Wonderful West Virginia – from cave and river adventures, to resorts and spas, there is something for everyone to try and love. But what about the opportunities to connect with local communities and learn about the heritage of Appalachia? Businesses like farm-to-table restaurants, farm stays,…

Seed. Swig. Smile. Promoting Hard Cider in the Mountain State

“The mountain state holds such a significant part in the history and culture behind apple cider. We want to recognize, celebrate and educate others on West Virginia hard cider stemming from Appalachian roots.” Dee Singh-Knights, Associate Professor of Resource Economics and Management Extension Specialist The Challenge In the 18th century, when clean drinking water was…

Truly Local — Empowering West Virginia’s Agritourism Industry to Take Root

In West Virginia, pride and heritage are the foundations of the culture. Agritourism offers a unique, uncharted experience for West Virginians in their home state. Yet, most residents are unaware of the presence of more than 220 agritourism businesses operating within the state. Just as concerningly, most are not familiar with the term “agritourism” and…

Humans of Morgantown— Morgantown Committee on Unsheltered Homelessness

“We believe that by learning and understanding the problem, we can discuss opinions and solutions in a proactive way. By improving the services offered to the community, everyone in it can benefit. The community is rich with people, and everyone is deserving of a quality life.” Humans Of Morgantown (HoM) The Challenge Morgantown, W. Va.…

Health Disparities Simulation – WVU STEPS Center

The Challenge Around the United States, there are people who do not experience or have access to the healthcare system in the same ways others do. The COVID-19 pandemic brought light to these health equity challenges experienced by marginalized populations in the United States.  Our mission was to help WVU health science students better understand…

The Free Speech Center at Middle Tennessee University

The Free Speech center is a nonpartisan, nonprofit dedicated to building understanding of the five freedoms of the First Amendment through education, information and engagement. The center’s 1 for All initiative deals with First Amendment understanding among students.

Morgantown Special Committee on Unsheltered Homelessness

The Morgantown Committee on Unsheltered Homelessness, appointed by City Council, works to shift the stigma surrounding the cities unsheltered population. By calling upon community leaders and stakeholders, the goal is to improve city services for all Morgantown residents, sheltered or unsheltered.

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West Virginia Manufacturing Extension Partnership

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Morgantown Green Team

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Timber Safe Program

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Rural Digital Youth Resilience Project – RDYR

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