Digital Advertising

By: Nicole Andino

Digital advertising has become a growing practice within the agency industry. One of the largest movements is cutting traditional :30 advertisements to only :06. These :06 advertisements are also known as “bumper advertisements”. This idea originated from Youtube in 2016, “at Sundance YouTube unveiled a new ad format to brands: the unskippable, six second ‘bumper’ ad.” Bumper ads have been surprisingly successful in the digital media world. eMarketer predicts the digital video advertisements industry will exceed over $22 billion by the end of 2021.

eMarketer also states some of the best practices of the industry have been discovered by using bumper advertisements. “Industry experts shared in early 2017 continue to be top of mind, including focusing on short ads, using detailed targeting criteria and making ads contextually relevant to the space around them.”

When it comes to producing a bumper advertisement, it is important to follow a few tips. 4A’s Agency Accelerator states these tips in order to create a successful bumper advertisement.

Focus on the purpose of the advertisement

Reducing from :30 to :06 is a challenge in itself. Instead of trying to do as much as possible, the key is to do one thing great. For example, a product feature or even a joke.

Plan time to establish your bumper advertisement

By beginning with a single visual, it gives the viewers a chance to be drawn into the advertisement. This allows your audience to step into your brand’s space, which avoids confusion towards your brand, service or product.

:06 advertisements are more powerful than you think

Our generation is immersed with swiping, scrolling and tapping through thousands of images each day. People today do not want to take 30 seconds to hear about a brand’s mission and product services.

Having a simple visual or striking headline can be enough for your viewers to serve as a powerful and memorable :06.

Memorable campaigns in just under :06

The next step is finding out how to make your bumper advertisement as memorable as possible. Incorporating relevant, but not identical, content to your advertisements greatly impacts the way your audience notices your advertisement. Viewers respond well to variations. By having relevant trends in your advertisement, your viewer will be drawn into your advertisement because they have associated with the trend and your brand.

The goal of advertising is to engage with your target audience to promote your brand, service or product. Bumper advertisements have a unique way of appealing to viewers. Let’s say you have one single :30 advertisement launched for three months, but your leading competitor has five separate bumper advertisements at :06 each over the same time period. Your leading competitor has a better opportunity of reaching their audience because they will explore different messages and ideas from each bumper ad.

Most people do not enjoy advertisements popping up in every application they use; that’s why it is crucial to get creative when delivering an advertisement. Even the time difference of :30 to :06 reduces the amount of clicks aways from your advertisement.


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