Food & E-commerce Trends

By: Evan Brunette

The food market in America is facing a various number of encounters with changing consumer demands. This is making food companies lean toward trends that approach engagements that are more convenient, healthy, sustainable, and also the use of technology with food. On-going with the pandemic, grocery ecommerce is growing rapidly with the need of ordering essential goods online. “The migration of essential goods to online has accelerated this trend by three or four years in the span of three or four months. We forecast that food and beverage will be the fastest-growing ecommerce category this year, with year-over-year growth of 58.5%.” (Editors, 2020)

When a student enters college, they have to think about what they have to eat because they no longer have the luxury of home-cooked meals. Most college students’ diet would consist of ramen, boxed mac and cheese and other microwavable items.

There was an advertisement online I came upon called HelloFresh and it caught my eye. HelloFresh is a meal kit delivery service that sends you fresh ingredients to your doorstep based on your dietary preference and schedule.  The advertisement that particularly caught my attention said when I signed up I would get 10 meals for free, so I decided to try their service.

Since most places were closed during Covid-19 and I didnt have a car it was difficult to get food. If it was not for HelloFresh, I would’ve been eating pizza everyday. “HelloFresh reacted to consumer trends, implemented new technology and data management systems and invested in growth strategies that enabled them to successfully outgrow their competitors in all of their markets. By initiating strategic transformations and deploying a strong set of dynamic capabilities, especially in detecting opportunities and making market-oriented decisions, HelloFresh was able to adapt to shifts in society, technology and competition. “(Katte, 2019) 

Using this service as a student would save time and money since there would be no need to go to the grocery store or look up recipes. I ended up having an amazing time with the HelloFresh service by learning how to cook and also becoming more familiar with tools in the kitchen. “I believe we’ll see many companies following this trend of using technology to update traditional service models, as we see the merging of convenience, local and trying to meet consumer demand for something natural and locally produced.” (Mohan, 2019) 

Little did I know when I clicked on that advertisement I saw for HelloFresh, it would lead me to a possible internship with the company. Matthew Sytsema, Director of Procurement for protein and seafood at HelloFresh, just moved in next to my house. I got to know him and after telling him about myself, he gave me his business card and told me to contact him for an internship opportunity in the summer. 

HelloFresh was able to adapt to shifts in society, technology and competition. This goes to show that using shifts in society and technology opens up other fields as an opportunity for the company and that is why HelloFresh became so successful.

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