PR and Nonprofits – A Helping Hand for Success

By: Cassidy Lego

Working for a non-profit organization is arguably one of the most rewarding parts of the career for a public relations professional. Being able to use your skills for a greater, lasting impact on a community or even the world is a joy that I believe all professionals should experience.

Of course when it comes to salary, non-profits may not be the most sustainable or financially satisfying. However, that does not mean there is a lack of room to grow and succeed. Non-profit organizations supply their employees with pay as well as benefits, as well as the reward of making a positive impact within communities. The field of public relations is necessary for non-profit organizations. Advertising, marketing and other PR related work are essential aspects for generating business and spreading the word of an organization. There are a multitude of reasons why PR is imperative to non-profit organizations. One of the main reasons being a good public image for the organization, ultimately attracting willing volunteers while successfully educating and intriguing the public. In addition, fundraising and donations correlate with a positive public image produced by professional PR. Another reason why positive PR is so essential within a non-profit organization is the legislative benefits. Essentially, if an organization focuses solely on a certain disease or issue, successful PR projects and revenue may persuade the involvement of the government, therefore increasing the flow of funds that are put towards the organization’s cause.

As mentioned earlier, working with a non-profit comes with awards that do not just come in a form of personal payment, especially when working with an organization that one is passionate about. The simple joy that comes from making a sometimes monumental impact on a community or society itself is the most rewarding part of working for a non-profit. With success also comes the room to grow. Working with a non-profit does not always mean having a poor income, something that is misunderstood.

There is also the fact that, for a multitude of reasons, many non-profits find the investment of public relations a necessity. Expanding their business, especially for an organization that is not limited to one geographic area, is important when striving to expand their funding, exposure and supporters. PR professionals achieve these goals by utilizing social media, something that has recently been used as a key tool for businesses and organizations. These practices are fairly new to both the corporate and non-profit world. Especially for a non-profit, exposure using current public relations and advertising techniques is vital for success. These reasons are why I continue to encourage college students and recent graduates to spend at least a summer or semester with a non-profit organization to expand on their portfolios and resumes using their learned skills, as well as being granted with both a humbling and rewarding experience.

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