Top 5 Up and Coming Social Media Marketing Trends to Look Out For – 2022

By: Sarah Frate As social media marketing (SMM) continues to grow, companies are constantly adapting their strategies and tactics to maximize consumer engagement. SMM provides companies with an extremely convenient and effective way to attract both new and existing customers.  The most commonly known SMM activities involve posting images, videos and text updates that promote… Continue Reading →

What I’ve learned in “Dragvertising.”

By: Noah Coby Hi, my name is Noah and I am a drag queen, Phoenix a la Ball.  Recently, I was asked by someone “What is the weirdest overlap between drag and advertising?” This question started what I like to call “The inevitable crash of advertising ideas into my drag career.” I have mentally gone… Continue Reading →

Better Healthcare Through Communication: Where Does Public Relations Fit Into the Healthcare Sector?

By: Cheyenne Oakes Most of my knowledge of public relations came from seeing flashy campaigns on television and social media that included athletes, celebrities and influential figures.When I first became interested in public relations in high school, I was unsure of all the opportunities within different sectors of the communications industry. Throughout college, I have… Continue Reading →

Creativity is Dead: How Camera Phones are Destroying Photography

By: Sophia Hudanich Owning a camera phone means you’re a photographer- well not really. An abundance of selfies and quick snapshots fill social media pages— killing the creativity behind photography. There’s a lack of individuality between pictures. Taking a scroll through Snapchat during a beautiful day means you’re going to see hundreds of sunset pictures… Continue Reading →


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