White text on a gray background that reads "breaking of perfection and pursuing authenticity"

Breaking the Chains of Perfection and Pushing Authenticity

 By: Ray Lapoint What is Authenticity? Trapped behind cell phone screens and computer monitors, users of the digital world have become far removed from reality. So far removed that the future of marketing may very well depend on the focus and concentration of a single attribute. Authenticity. Authenticity means being real or genuine. When thinking… Continue Reading →

Gray background with white megaphone and text that reads "Fashion PR strategies that missed the mark"

Fashion PR Strategies that Missed the Mark

By Dominique DeVivo Inside look at Failed Campaigns Behind-the-scenes factors play a vital part in successful campaigns. Many fashion brands are under a microscope with their large customer fanbases. One wrong move may result in a backlash from countless consumers. Not only do these failed strategies reflect badly on the company, but often result in… Continue Reading →

Grey background with text that reads "Is purchasing music licensing worth it?"

Is Purchasing Music Licensing Worth It?

By Grace Campbell The Power of Music  In 2000, the Virginia Tech Hokies athletic department was given three songs to choose from as their walkout song – “Enter Sandman,” by Metallica, “Welcome to the Jungle” by Guns N’ Roses and “Sirius”  by the Alan Parsons Project. They chose the popular nineties song by Metallica. As… Continue Reading →


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